Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pots Pans and Glasses

Ballpoint pen on Graph paper. What does it say when I prefer to draw the dirty dishes than actually clean them? I think doing the dishes is the bane of my existence, I really hate doing them. Shane and I are supposed to have a system down, I make dinner, he cleans the dishes. He rarely does his part, but I can't blame him. 

I just read the book Skinny Bitch, which was a bit extreme and bias, but non the less probably more true than not. When I was in college at VCU in VA, I went to a PETA seminar and thought they were too radical. It felt like church, and they were preaching to me, and if I didn't listen and follow through, I would absolutely go to hell. As I was so impressionable, I decided meat and cheese wasn't for me. I was a vegan for an entire week. 

I didn't set out to buy the book Skinny Bitch.  Initially I went into the book store to read up on diet/food/and how it effects mood/depression/anxiety. I found a fantastic book called Sugar Blues (written in the 70's) which pretty much labels sugar as poison. At the counter, when purchasing, I saw the Skinny Bitch book, which I had heard from more than one friend that it changed their lives. I decided to pick it up, as I was curious how those Skinny Bitches did it, how are they able to get so fantastic looking. I had no idea it wan an animal rights- "be a vegan" book. Normally, I would have put the book down because I just don't want to be that extreme, but, I kept reading, and finished the book in one sitting (and for those of you who know me well, this is SUPER RARE). I decided I would be a half vegan. Eat veggies, and stay away from dairy if possible, but not go to the extreme of not eating bread because there is egg in it. 

Yesterday was day 1, and was a success. I started my day off with an Apple, and had a fantastic day (all in the mind? Who knows). When I got home, I did some on-line recipe  research.... totally came upon the PETA website. I still have a bad taste for that organization. I poked around a bit and watched.... The Video. Yes, if you haven't seen it, its been around for a wile and makes you cry. It is really hard to watch. Once I started to tear up, I quit watching. OK, it was serious now, I had to be vegan. It's just wrong not to be right? I wouldn't eat my dog right? Why would I eat a cow? 

Anyways, I can't decide if I am brainwashed or genuinely effected. Last night I made a really fantastic vegan meal... Sauté Onions and garlic in a pan, add chopped mushrooms & 1 grated apple. Then add diced tomatoes and a bit of tomato puree, add a mixed herb seasoning, let simmer for 10 minutes. Cook Spaghetti (whole Grain) on the side, drain. Then mix it all together, add to a casserole dish. Add fake cheese to the top, and bake at 350 for 25 min. It really was good. Who knew apple in spaghetti tasted so good. I got the recipe from VeganChef. I wonder how long I will be a vegan, or if it is even possible, living with the biggest meat-eating man in the world. 

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