Sunday, July 5, 2009


"The environment is all gold and the idea behind that was to tell the viewer that these figures were in a spiritual realm [...] If I put them in this all white background, that would maybe also hint that this is in a psychological realm, this isn't a real place. This isn't even a comic book. It's a blank slate"
-John Wentz 

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This interview with John Wentz made me think about my work, and how most of the pieces lack a background. Most of my drawings/paintings have a wallpaper background, or none at all. I never really thought about why, so this is a good time to think about it.  

Wallpaper. What is wallpaper. Pattern, a Skin, a Covering to a Blank vertical plane. Suburbia. Decor. Something to look at. A Claustrophobia of sorts. The wallpaper continues off the page, and who knows how far it goes. Most of the time, the wallpaper bleeds through the subject on top of its surface. The subject is transparent in a way. The only real thing there is the wallpaper.  

It was originally introduced into the drawings to fill the blank white void. An excuse to come to terms with the empty space I was too lazy to fill with paint or ink. I also liked the idea that they were leftovers, left in a dusty box at a second hand store in Chicago. Did I feel like some sort of hero? Saving the wallpaper... 

How boring, that the wallpaper could have spent it's life on a wall... only to be tore down or covered over, suffocation. I have rolls and rolls piled in the corner of my studio, and on any particular 2nd hand outing, I cannot hold off from grabbing it if i see it. My urge to purchase something familiar to me, or my american tendency to purchase.. in general? 

What is the difference between them sitting in the corner of my studio, and a box at the thrift store?I should give them the life they deserve. Put them to use. 

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