Thursday, June 25, 2009

Update on Piece

Process: Added old pieces of transparency paper in layers to the bottom left with varnish. Then added white acrylic and wiped off.  Added a thick piece of old graph paper to the top left, with some additional graphite lines. Added transparency paper to the top of that. I am thinking I would like to add graphic of some sort, something from nature. 

This is a Dobson Fly. Wile camping this weekend, we found two of them around the lantern. They look so vicious. The boys thought it was a freak of nature and wanted to use it to catch some bass the next day. They ended up dying the following day after their tupperware container was flooded by boat water. So Sad. Upon investigation, I found out the following... They are in a larvae state for 2-3 years, and live under rocks in fast flowing, clear water. They then crawl onto land and cocoon, then hatch into a fly, measuring 2-3 inches in length. The one shown above is a female. Once they turn into a fly, they only live for two weeks. They don't eat during the two weeks, they mate, and their eggs fall off trees and into the water. Its sad that the ones we caught were born in water and then drowned in water. The guys used them for bait, but didn't catch a thing. 

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  1. Dude....that is some freaky stuff. I like bugs. I don't freak out about bugs....but I may just add that bug to my list of two. Potato Bugs still hold my number one spot for things I NEVER want to touch.

    The Dobson Fly may be a close second....