Friday, June 19, 2009

My time without TV

Very nice. I worked a bit. It is really hard not to give up and go watch tv, to "take a break." But, i will go to bed soon, without TV as a night cap. The urge is strong.

This piece: Process. Started with Brown Taco Bell Napkins. No plan, just went. Drew a pattern in Micron. Then, on a second napkin, painted it with white acrylic. Uneven edges were blended with graphite. The napkins were sewn together. They look bruised. They were then scanned a few days ago and used as this blogs Graphic. Tonight, I took the napkins and varnished them to an old piece of drawing paper from the 70's. Michael Crotty left to live on a Ranch in Colorado and gave me the oldest paper, with sun burned edges. It is BEAUTIFUL, and fragile, and so transparent. After varnishing the napkins to this paper, I added a bronze dust, and saw it was too Bronz-ey. I decided to play with a transparent white acrylic and hated that as well, washing it with water. Then came the Phthalo Blue, watered down, and then blotted off, which gave a nice stained bruising to the paper. I brought out the Payne's grey and went to work, laying tape over the napkin, painting with a que tip, wiping off, and then ripping off the tape, which took off some of the napkin. It was a controlled rip. I added a bit of photocopied linens and then added some graphics with the micron. My favorite was adding the payne's dots to the surface. I am looking forward to seeing where this goes next.  

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